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April 24th, 2005

01:05 am
Tonight two things of significance happened to me:

1) I sat next to Annalise Blum, who got slightly drunk and informed me that friends with rich uncles are good things to have.

2) Some EXTREMELY drunk man kept roaring and clutching his belly at every lame joke anyone tried to make, super super loudly, enunciating every "HA" like people in cartoons. I think he tried to relieve himself behind a column during dinner, but his wife stopped him. And he looked like my (adorable) Uncle Ken when he laughed, a little bit. He also made obscene comments about the chopped liver.

Honestly! Its not Purim, people.
Current Music: Ma-donnuh.

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March 27th, 2005

02:29 am
Being slighted by colleges and having existentialist anxiety attacks each weekend does not repeat NOT agree with me

because I forgot to write interims for Expos so had to do it just now, and will not be able to deal with about fifty family members tomorrow, and had a strange combination-nightmare about Hogzilla and waitlists and the finger Chili, and tried to go for a really athletic bike ride today (it failed utterly, I've forgot how to ride bicycles.)
My ipod is super, though, thanks!!

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March 15th, 2005

05:33 pm
My niece is maybe the cutest creature in the entire world? Just maybe?

Current Mood: adoring auntyish

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March 14th, 2005

08:29 pm - wiggle wiggle wiggle like a bowl of soup
Everyone's doing it...Collapse )

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February 6th, 2005

12:57 pm
A List Of Music That Alex And Julia Want To Get Played Before Asamblea (Which They Have Compiled Rather Than Working On The Horrid Citizen Kane Project):

-Bill Bonessssssss! (Tony Shwartz sp?)
-Babycakes (3 of a kind)
-Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus (Serge Gainsbourg, just the last two minutes please)
-Joc Batrinesc din N (...we really have no idea)
-the opera song from Citizen Kane!
-Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush)
-By Your Side (CocoRosie)
-What You Waiting For (Gwen Stefani)
-Mr. Bojangles (Bob Dylan)

...to be continued...

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January 15th, 2005

10:42 pm
This morning I interviewed my grandpa for an hour about "the Negro problem" and how education is "the white man's thing" and how "Hitler may have made some poor decisions but at least he put food on German tables" and then at the end I said "Thank you, Grandpa," and he said "It's quite alright, Nerissa."

How did YOU start off your three-day weekend?

Addendum: I am. The World's. Biggest. Fuckup.
Current Mood: horrific.
Current Music: Taped interviews that I CANNOT HEAR.

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January 8th, 2005

12:27 pm - Katherine Mansfield is my new writer darling...
...and "Les Petites Planètes" on the new Manu CD is my theme song!

(p'tite bonhommmmme!!!)


December 28th, 2004

02:55 pm

hm hm hm

i'm shaking a little bit all over and i feel really beautiful...

(alex leave a comment svp! but nothing too specific; it's for posterity.)
Current Mood: about to get even better...
Current Music: french television

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December 12th, 2004

07:52 pm
Tonight was Have-Small-Children-Attempt-To-Play-Instruments-That-Are-Bigger-Than-Them-Night at my piano recital! My teacher diversified the usual, excessively competent fare with some violin solos, and I swear to god, I did not know that those things could make the sounds I heard tonight. I decided to be a huge geek and study calculus while listening. (The TI-83 plus calculator is not, repeat NOT, a good tool for hiding inappropriate but helpless laughter. The adults around me--one of whom was the mother of the violin child--were not pleased with my conduct, was the impression I got.)

In other news, all those years of repression from pop culture are catching up to me, and I have realized I have the music mentality of an (approx.) 9 yr-old girl in the mid-1990s!
Current Mood: quixoticspiced
Current Music: YOtellmewhatyouwantwhatyoureallyreallywant

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December 11th, 2004

03:59 pm
Internet Explorer is getting its revenge on me for switching to Mozilla by popping up large scary ads that TALK! They start singing about diet patches and I have to do the ctrl+alt+delete thing to get them to go away. And all I really want to do is [sing and dance and] read Sherlock Holmes stories. And NOT apply to colleges or study calculus.

If anyone has anything rather important to tell me, that would be lovely to do so, yes!
Current Music: and all these beastly bungalows

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