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leaves as big as MAPS - Run mad as often as you chuse;

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June 16th, 2005

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12:15 pm - leaves as big as MAPS
Hi I am in Puerto Rico and it is extremely hot and steamy.
If you would like to send a small air conditioning device or ice cube or chilled token of affection (or just a letter!) you may do so at:

(My name because there are lots of other people here)
USDA Forest Service IITF
Sabana Field Station
HC 02 Box 6205
Luquillo PR 00773

And for the last week that I am here, I just found out we're going to be running around LOOKING for hurricanes. Today, however, we go to the beach and eat mangoes!

I miss you all ohsovery much!!!

Confidential to Alex: My (virtual) goggly-eyed fish already died of neglect. I'm such a bad mother.
Current Music: chirpy frogs

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