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I still believe in your eyes - Run mad as often as you chuse;

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June 4th, 2005

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11:11 pm - I still believe in your eyes
Conclusions of the day:
+ Climbing up through tree branches directly from water creates the most delightful lemurine sensation.
+ Sitting in scaly trees for hours while sopping wet is super unpleasant to sensitive areas.
+ My dad and I make the best Rope-Swing-Rescue-Team EVER!
+ Thimbleberries are not so delicious but really well-named. (This is confirmed by at least one respectable source.)
+ Leaning against blusters so strong that they keep you shrieking and upright (and on the right side of seaside cliffs) is good for every person...

In short, I will desperately miss Pt. Reyes plus my father plus outright childhood.

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